Tabernacle Studies is a study based on the six station of the Tabernacle.  When we come to the Old Testament Tabernacle you inter through one gate and you come to the alter of sacrifice signifying that there is only one way to receive the forgiveness of God. As we travel through the Tabernacle we come to the laver where the Priest would wash himself for cleansing for the offering of sacrifice.  As we continue on our journey we inter the tent.  To the right is the showbread which represents the study of the Word of God (the Bible) for a man shall not live by bread alone, but by very word of God.  On the other side of the room we see the candelabra which represents Jesus Christ as He is the light into world.  We also see the incense burner which teaches us of the Holy Spirit and Worship.  Finally we inter into the Holy of Holies where we are introduced to God and we learn about His Holiness and Righteousness.  

Tuesdays @ 10 am on zoom (email us for information to join)

Sunday Mornings we have studies for every age that will challenge and encourage any believer or anyone who is interested to learn about the truth of the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ.  

Sunday Mornings @ 9:45am

This study takes place on Thursdays @ 2:30pm. Various Studies.

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Sunday Services: Bible Study   9:45 am

                            Worship      10:50 am


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