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    Men’s ministry is one of the most very important ministry in the life of the family, society, and the church; though it is one of the most over looked ministries in the church today.  Statistics show that when women are the main spiritual influence of the family the percentage of the family that goes and stays in church is very low.  But, when men are the main spiritual influence of the family the percentage is near almost 100%.  What does this tell us about men’s ministry?  That men’s ministry is probably the most important ministries that the church has to impact the lives that they have been entrusted with.  

    The problem that we face today is that men are not finding value in our churches, or our ministries in todays culture.  Let’s face it, men don’t want to go to church.  How do we overcome this huge hurdle?  Well, we have to change the way we reach and minister to men.  

    "Foundation" is a men’s discipleship ministry to help men reach godly manhood.  Men don't want to sit around sharing their feelings.  Men want to get their hands dirty.  They want to have a since of accomplishment.  Here at PHCC we are giving men exactly what they want.  We dig into the word of God to learn how to be a godly man.  We teach men how to build, so they can take care of their own household.  We finally serve those around us with the spiritual and physical tools that we have learned to bless our family, church and community.  

     There is a  journey every godly man has taken.  A road that we travels up the mountain to reach the pentacle of God’s plan for every man.  To help men reach the pentacle of the mountain we need to rethink how we approach men’s ministry.  "Foundation" is where men invest in the lives of other men, teaching  each other through life parables that God has taught each of us to help each man reach these 3 Life Markers. 

    Setting the Foundation is submission.  Submission goes against all that we are.  We naturally want to have control over us.  Submission is willfully relinquishing your own power and put our dependence on God’s provision.  It is willfully following God’s moral law by accepting His love and eternal acceptance.  In submission we fight from a position of weakness, because we are dependent on God’s strength. Our goal in submission is to live a life in submission to Christ Jesus.  

    Building the Structure is strength.  Strength is walking in the power of Jesus Christ.  Strength is being willing to stand against friends and foes when they might oppose God's word.  Strength is embracing the teachings of Christ, even if you may not personally agree with them. Strength is discerning your specific mission and putting aside distractions, and placing God and His will over your life first, even if that means it is before your family.  Strength is inviting conflict as a way to peace; with grace and mercy.  

    Finally Handing over the Keys is sacrifice.  Sacrifice is understanding my limitation, and denying myself and taking up His cross to follow Jesus Christ.  Sacrifice is expecting betrayal by others yet waiving the right to act, but allowing God to act on our behalf. Sacrifice is giving up your right for a happy ending, only to move into a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus, so that we may entrust our work to the next generation. Finally sacrifice is making a final surrender to whatever life brings.  "Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done"-Luke 22:24


1 Corinthians 3:10-11

"According to the grace of God which was given to me,

like a wise master builder I laid a foundation,

and another is building on it. But each man must be careful how he builds on it.

For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid,

which is Jesus Christ." 

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