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Overwatch-To weary or exhaust by keeping awake; to watch through or throughout (as the night); to watch over.


The vision of Overwatch is to develop the lives of men and direct them to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. How to best lead, provide and protect their families as Christ does for us.

Overwatch seeks to have all men involved, glorify God and His Kingdom by becoming warriors for Jesus Christ. This will be accomplished by applying God’s word to the issue’s men face in life. By teaching men how to be intentionally Christ centered. And taking part in genuine fellowship to bond with one another and live a life that glorifies God.


A few points Overwatch will focus on:

·         To encourage men by building genuine friendships, trusting one another.


·         Equip men to be better husbands, fathers and leaders in their home and community.


·         Model biblical masculinity by rejecting passivity and having accountability.


·         Guiding men to be saved and baptized by engaging in the Word.


·         Gather for different events, meals, service projects, discipleship and serving in church.


Men have been appointed by God as leaders. This will look different for each man based on his spiritual gifts. Above are just a handful of ways we want to encourage and lift men up to recognize their full potential in Christ! 

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